Test the text HTML Editor

This is to see if I can add an Image.

The image will appear below.

SWG Logo

Now I'll try it without the class being defined

SWG Logo

The text should stay the color specified in the CSS file.

Test the new version

This is to test the new version of Blogs Organizer.  After this post, I can start adding some real posts instead of this nonsense.

I'm testing links to other sites such as Shareware Genie

I'll have to figure out how to add images again.  I think I made a mistake reloading the script.

Another image test

The font size and color should be the same as the template CSS specifies. If not, I will have to turn off the WYSIWYG function.
Here is another picture


Test adding an image

This is a coffee cup
The image should appear

Test the page

This is to test this page This blog will be removed later. This is to test to see if the keywords will be visible